Maintenance Work We've Taken & Completed

We have successfully done many mechanical maintenance works for refineries, petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants and oil & gas industries. We are providing continuous mechanical maintenance service for various industries.

  1. 1Annual maintenance of Fire Water net works at Kochi Refinery.
  2. 2Replacing of CBD lines at FFCU - Kochi Refinery.
  3. 3Replacing of corroded Fire Water pipe lines to internal cement coated lines at Kochi Refinery.
  4. 4Providing new Fire Water pipe lines by using cement coated pipes and fittings at Kochi Refinery.
  5. 5Various mechanical maintenance jobs in differnts plants.

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Expert in Special Grade Boiler Repairs, Erections, Design, Supply and Commissioning of Fire Fighting Systems, Mechanical, Piping, Structurals, Insulations, and Civil Engineering

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News Update

Prayaga Engineering has been awarded a two year contract for Piping Fabrication job at Reliance Industries, Andhra Pradesh.

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